One of the many sites that influenced me to read and know more about our country’s troops is the Well.. I must agree with their slogan – The best of the Military Blogosphere. They have hundreds of popular, unclaimed and overdue military blogs that can be a great source of quality and fascinating veterans and military related articles. The writers and authors are simply amazing. They are a huge community of parents, wives and husbands, friends, daughters and sons and service personnel themselves.

From simple daily journal to the most controversial issues in politics and our country, this one great source is definitely a “must” visited one. The US military is a very broad topic and separating each department makes its even easier for us to recognized which and where a particular blog belongs to. Here are their categories.

Afghanistan Frontlines
Iraqi Frontlines
U.S. Army Blog
U.S. Air Force Blog
U.S. Navy Blog
U.S. Marine Corps Blog
U.S. Military (Veteran) Blog
U.S. Civilian Blog
U.S. Military (Spouse) Blog
U.S. Military (Parent) Blog
Foreign National Military Blog

One day, I’ll try to be included to the ever growing online community of veterans supporters and individuals who have passion to care for our phenomenal heroes. And it will be sooner… =)


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