Waiting to Reunite

I don’t belong to a family of veterans nor active military personnel. However, my real life detachment in this important branch of the government has never been an hindrance to support these brave guys. Whenever I read different military blogs, there’s no single blog that has no posts about a soldier missing his/her family and vice versa.

Although I have friends and siblings living in other countries, I don’t think that I would have the same feeling that the family of these veterans have. Worries and sleepless nights are these people’s greatest enemy while their loved ones are away … and living in a world of war.

Despite of personal involvement, I truly feel for these people. I feel for the soldier who terribly misses his family while having sleepless nights and for his family that worries everyday. Just looking at their posted photos, I can’t help but pray that would meet safe and sound again.


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