How many are they?

While I was watching America’s Got Talent, I spotted an old man playing flute. I then remembered this blog and decided to post. I’m not posting about the show nor the old man but the feelings of curiosity of how many old man in the world who have lived and died during wars. I know that asking this question is actually digging the huge statistics of people who have lived all over the world.

Maybe counting the number of wars is more feasible than counting those who have been there. Looking at men and women at their sunset years is just like thinking of myself 30 to 40 years from now. I’m really scared inside but I know that it is much harder to lived and died in a world of blasts.

I may not know the numbers of people who have experienced hell while they are still alive, I still sympathize them especially those that are still dreaming of the scariest moments of their lives. We will all die and that’s a certainty that we can’t avoid. I just think that we have to live life to the fullest and to the best possible ways we can.- we’re all lucky, we haven’t been into war. In this way, as we reach our sunset years, we can say that we have lived a worthy and peaceful life. Then, we have to be thankful!


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