The Pearl Harbor

It was during my college years when I watched the film, Pearl Harbor. I was kinda’ hesitant at first because I never like watching war movies but after several encouragements, my friends finally got my “yes.” Now that I’m into blogging about our troops, I know that one of these days I’ll be posting about this film.

For me, it is not the usual war movies because the story evolves to two soldiers who are friends and became involved to only one girl. Well… it may be a typical love story but the feelings are truly there. I love and feel for every part of this movie. From the actors to the story to the story, this 3-hour movie is truly worthy of my “yes”.

It’s almost 7 years when I last watched this film in the big screen. I’ve also spotted this on cable once in a while and eagerly watched it like it was always the first time. And each time I hear Faith Hill’s, There You’ll Be, I just can’t help but post for a while and reminisce the tragic yet encouraging story of the Pearl Harbor.


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