U.S. Military Branches

I always wondered about the military services so I used the internet to satisfy my curiosity. This time, I will give some information regarding the branches of U.S. Military. This can help civilians in finding the right branch for their particular queries and in case of emergency. Also, this information can guide those people who want to join the military.

The 5 military branches include:

U.S. Army – They are responsible in land combat and their main mission is to provide necessary forces and capabilities. And they have 3 divisions – Active duty Army, Army Reserves and the Army National Guard.

U.S. Navy – The military personnel under this branch are responsible for conducting naval operations. Aside from having regular active duty staff, they also have reserves units.

U.S. Air Force – The United States Air Force (USAF) is responsible for airborne operations. And this branch of military includes aviation forces both combat and service.

U.S. Coast Guard – Serves as one of the chief guards of our homeland shores and borders. They have many tasks including search and retrieval operations, inspections of vessels, legal enforcement of borders and shorelines and a lot more.

U.S. Marine Corps – The Marine Corps are related to Navy. Their main duty was/has/is to be the fighting force onboard any and all Naval ships.



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2 responses to “U.S. Military Branches

  1. Miss Em

    Your information pretaining to the US Marines is erronous because the Marines have always been associated with the Navy. Their main duty was/has/is to be the fighting force onboard any and all Naval ships. At least 1/2 of the Marine Officers receive their education at Annapolis Naval Academy NOT at West Point {Army}. While the other 1/2 receive their education at colleges and university around the county and at the Officer’s Cadidate School where on-duty Marines of various ranks who can qualify go to be trained as Officers.

    The Marines are a self-sufficient fighting force that have NEVER BEEN “related” {as in joined} to the Army. They have fought wars and other ingagements beside and under the command of the Army but are NOT affiliated {attached} to the Army.

    If you want more on the history of the Marines then read the ‘US MARINE CORPS STORY’ by Moskin. I will warn you it is a bit of a LONG {1,039 pages} ‘DRY’ read just like most history books but it is extremely insightful on how the Marines gain such a Proud and Fierce fight attitude.

    For future information on the US Marines then go to the Official Homepage at

  2. Liza

    hi! Ms. Em. Thanks for the correction. I just borrowed a line for your comments and have it updated in my posts.

    Sometimes, the internet is not that reliable and even though I have consulted 3 websites for the definition of each, I think that I should be more careful next time.

    Thanks again for dropping by.

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