Where do we go from here?

The declaration of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy has truly shocked the world. While it is a clear evidence of our weakening economy, the effect of the recent hurricane Ike just gave additional burden to all of us – the casualties and damage to thousands of homes left by this catastrophe.

No doubt, we can always stand up in every fall. On the other hand, I’m thinking how the world is looking at us today. As for me, I see our country as an eagle at halt, that any moment will spread its wings and fly again. Even though, my family and I are not directly affected by the hurricane Ike and the impact of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy are minimal to us, I can still greatly feel for the agony of those who have lost their homes, jobs and loved ones.

With these series of devastating news, I can’t help but ask, where do we go from here? While the government is doing its best to help and ease the burden of the people directly involved, we, the common citizens have also something to do. Hurricanes’ effects are actually the results of our abusive acts to the nature. Thus, we should do our part to avoid these things from happening again by taking care of our environment.

I would like to believe that these events have truly awakened us. We are all part of this world and our reasons and means for living highly depends on our own acts and decision. Let’s stop blaming one another but start to stand up hand and hand. The world might be watching us now in this situation, my faith is still strong that we can get this through – together with the help of our Heavenly Father.

Where do we go from here? Start kneeling down and pray – from that point we’ll surely have better and brighter days to come. . Let’s not forget that someone powerful is watching over…


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