Who deserves to have much higher votes?

Two months from now, we’ll all have a new president. As the most powerful country in the world, all nations are watching over at who will reside the Whitehouse on November 4, 2008. I’m not more into politics but at my age, I must understand this type of game, which is more popular for the term, “dirty.”

Everyone is now aware of our controversial candidates. I maybe be the last person on earth who had written about them- posting something that others would see as boring and repetition of what others have said – now what?!.

This time I would like to remove personal facts. All I know is that Barrack Obama is from the Democrat party, a senator from Illinois and he is Black =D. On the other hand, John Mc Cain is from the Republican Party, he’s a senator from Arizona and he has a girl vice president =D. Isn’t it interesting? har… har… har…

I searched for videos of these two candidates in YouTube. If they will be judged according to fascinating videos on how they attack each other…who do you think deserves to have much higher votes?

Is it Barrack?

Or is it Mc Cain?

Now.. it’s getting really confusing. That’s why I hate politics!


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