Blogs of My Kind

The Internet’s largest and one of the leading military blogging sites is the It has a comprehensive list of military blogs written by service personnel themselves and ordinary people like me. Being a part of this group is really an honor.

“I Support Our Veterans” is actually categorized under the “U.S Military (Veterans).” Well if you’re looking for other good places to read and be updated, I have listed here the blogs of my kind – meaning… they are also categorized under the “U.S Military (Veterans)” These are the blogs that I also read and MilBlooging’s top 10.

1. Blackfive – The Paratrooper of Love – Author : Matt
2. Michael Yon: Online Magazine – Author : Michael Yon
3. Dr. Phat Tony`s – Author : Dr. Phat Tony
4. A Battlefield Tourist – Author : David Tate
5. Any Soldier – Author : Marty Horn
6. Cookie Crumb Express Blog – Author : Pa & Ma
7. PCS to LinkedInUSAF – Author : Steve Glaiser
8. The Stupid Shall Be Punished – Author : Bubblehead
9. Euphoric Reality– Author : Kit Lange
10 13 Stoploss – Author : Jason Davis



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6 responses to “Blogs of My Kind

  1. thank you for the love. While I don’t fit in with most of the blogs you listed above, I hope to at least provide as close as accurate (though sometime biased skew on things, and I mean skew only because of personal experience) view on events related to my unit in OIF I.

    more to come!

  2. Liza

    Hi! Jason, thanks for dropping by to my little space. That’s truly appreciated.

    I’m a regular reader of your site and I strongly believed that an opinion and personal views of the person from the military like you should matter most despite of the category you belong. You simply represents the armed forces and it’s an honor to be visited by you.

    be safe, alright? I would love to include you in my troop mates’ list. would that be fine with you?

    Thanks again!

  3. Liza,

    I am fine and well, and have been home from Iraq for two years this thanksgiving.

    I believe people should see the events and opinions of which I describe, but that in no way makes it correct to others. While I was not my unit’s historian, my story closely follows the event and dates of what my unit’s historian has written. Obviously, I am writing as I go, and more than three years after the fact.

    Also, some people may disagree with my conclusions. I don’t win many friends by openly admitting to support the troops, and not the administration.

    I’m not sure what your troops mates list is… send me an email and tell me about it?

    Again, thank you for the support.

    – jason

  4. Liza

    Hi! Jason.

    Good to hear that you’re coming home. =) I actually enjoy really enjoy reading your posts and learned a lot from it.

    You know what?, I just got really excited. For me, this is a fulfillment. Now, I just don’t read your posts, you’re now responding. Thanks truly for the time!

    My troopmates are just links.. from my site. you can find it at the right side of my blog. Those were actually recommended sites to my readers =)

    you’re on my prayers and the rest of the troops =)

  5. wingateg3

    Came across your blog while WWWsurfing…noticed it says you need to claim your blog at…FYI…peace

  6. Liza

    Hi Wingateg3. Thanks for the info. I’m not sure why it is in unclaimed status but I already checked it. Thanks again for dropping by =)

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