One Good News to Share

To be updated with the bits and pieces of the world, I created an alert about the US veterans and our politics. While I can say that I’m a bit tired of reading news about the recent election, I still feel that it is one of the many obvious ways to be able to know what the future has in store for an ordinary individual like me.

As I go along reading some news, I realized that I seldom read news that has good news on it. There may be some exciting, funny and a lot of irritating news but hardly ever good news about our men in uniforms. Well… of course, I must exclude those that have died in Iraq and other scenarios. President Obama has a lot of great plans to our veterans and that’s really exciting to hear.

I just visited the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and got one good news to share. Here’s an excerpt.

VA Announces Expansion Of Disability Evaluation System Pilot
November 7, 2008

All Military Services Now Taking Part

WASHINGTON — Wounded service members leaving the military will have easier, quicker access to their veterans benefits due to the expansion of a pilot program that will offer streamlined disability evaluations that will reach 19 military installations, representing all military departments. .. read more


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