Things I have to Thank For this Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important holidays celebrated in the United States. It usually falls every 4th Thursday of November and denotes the end of harvest season. This is the time when people would celebrate the many benefits that they have received for the entire year.

This is also considered as an American Federal Holiday, where Americans celebrate this day to bond with their loved ones and be able to express their thanks to all of their possessions, material or spiritual.

From my precious life to the everyday strength that God has given me, I just got so many things to thank for. In addition to the good health of my entire family and steady job, I would like to also thank the Almighty for that we have ended the election peacefully and we now have a new president. I would like to also thank our brave soldiers who are continuously laying their lives in performing their duties.

All these and a simple prayer of hope and continuous guidance plus a special dinner with my family will definitely make my day and the rest of the year truly complete. =)


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