“We Support and Hug You”

This Christmas we can express our love, appreciation and support to our country’s modern heroes by participating to “Bear Hug A US Soldier” program.


As excerpted from their website, www.bearhugaussoldier.com, the goal of this program

“is to HONOR soldiers in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to HONOR soldiers that are in Veteran’s Hospitals across the United States. We want each recipient to know that Americans care for them and thank them for their sacrifices. Another goal is to raise funds for Operation: Care & Comfort and Operation Gratitude both of which are 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporations.”

Through this little and cute bears, we can greet and show our affection to our soldiers who can’t be with their family and celebrate this Christmas.

Keep in mind that there’s no administrative cost to this campaign.

Let’s all support this cause at just affordable $1 cost. Bear Hug a Soldier with your family and friends this holiday…


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  1. Veterans need support, but they also need avenues to better themselves… that is what I am hoping to create… I am a veteran looking to help others, and in turn one day be a resource which can offer financial support in the growth and development of ideas and business…

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