A Never Ending Thank You…

2008 is set to bid goodbye on midnight of December 31 yet there are still so many things that I feel, I need to fulfill. One of those is this post.

My 2008 will not be complete without uttering “Thank You” to all my readers, ordinary people and military people themselves. It’s been a great year, like what others are always saying. I would like to also thank WordPress for the free space they have provided to a military supporter like me. This has been my open journal to share what my heart’s desire and be able to express my feelings. This has also been an instrument for me to meet different people and be able to exchange conversations via comments.

It has been really a wonderful year. Along with my readers, few of them =), I would like to also extend my gratitude to my family who are constantly there to support me with this advocate. We may never had a family from the military, as I always say, these people who suffered and still suffering a lot belongs to our kin.

Happy New Year everyone!!! I know that world peace at this time is next impossible so I would instead pray for our inner peace – which will make a way for this greatest dream.

Be safe, always! And let us all wave our hands without a heavy heart as the last days of 2008 are fast approaching. =)


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