Let’s Take a Break… & Laugh?

Again, I was surfing the net for some interesting videos when I spotted this.

It’s actually a compilation of videos about the military – at their worst mistakes and truly hilarious acts. While I can distinguish some of the mock acts from the real one, I can’t still help but pity and smile for them.  In the middle of war, they can still convert the fear times to happy times. On the other hand, the mistakes are just part of the training – well, i just hope that crashing some planes would not happen again. =(

Let’s all take a break and contemplate. How can this people afford to commit mistakes when their lives are at stake? And how can this people take some time to entertain us when all in fact, they are in the middle of a war? They are simply amazing and truly inspiring, aren’t they?

Please have them on your prayers, always!


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