Real and Fictional Presidents

If you’re fond of watching movies with terrorism and war themes, then you’ve probably seen many actors who have portrayed as The United States’ respectable presidents. Many of these movies are based on wars and true stories while others are truly fictional. Whatever the theme of the movie is, I can say that the actor who played as the President did well in portraying the role.

One of the most remarkable fictional movies that I watched is the “Air Force One” starring Harrison Ford as President James Marshall. It was really a good story and I assume that it will never happen.

In line with this, I listed other great movies and actors who played the controversial role of being the President of the United States, true and fictional. Here are some of my favorites:

  • William Hurt – He played as President Ashton in the Vantage Point movie in 2008 (fictional)
  • Jack Nicholson – He played as President James Dale in the Mars Attack movie in 1996 (fictional)
  • Robin Williams – He played as President Theodore Roosevelt in Night at the Museum movie in 2006 (real)
  • John Voight – He played as President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Pearl Harbor movie in 2001 (real)
  • Tom Howard – He played as Lyndon B. Johnson in JFK movie in 1991 (real)
  • Anthony Hopkins – He played as Richard M. Nixon in Nixon movie in 1995 (real)
  • Michael Douglas – He played as President Andrew Shepherd in The American President movie in 1995 (fictional)
  • Gene Hackman – He played as President Alan Richmond in Absolute Power movie in 1997 (fictional)
  • James Earl Jones – He played as President Douglass Dilman in The Man in 1972 (fictional)
  • Morgan Freeman – He played as President Tom Beck in Deep Impact movie in 1998 (fictional)

How about you? Who’s your favorite?


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