Let’s All Do our Part

Last April 22, 2009, the world celebrated the Earth Day. It’s a celebration and at the same time, a realization about what’s happening in the world. Many groups, private and government have gathered for this cause.

Global warming is indeed, felt in different parts of the world. While some of us are not yet directly affected by its effect, it’s still not a good reason to just feel relaxed and let the others do their part. We are all residence of Earth and we have obligations to take care of it.

Participation in taking care of the Earth should not be hard for us. We are not super heroes and I bet we can’t fly in the sky like Superman and use our eye to laser and see the problems causing this world to die. We can do our part in our own little ways.

There are many ways to do it but I would like to list down what I’m currently doing.

1.   Conserving water and energy. When I’m in the house or at the office, I always check the faucet if it’s sealed tightly. Also, whenever I leave the room, I always see to it that the lights are turned off and no other appliance is left running.
2.    Putting little trash in my pocket. This is really something worthy particularly when candy wrappers.
3.    Using tote bag. I always have my tote bag for shopping. This minimizes the use of plastic.

These are just ordinary things that I learned to live every day.  If each of us will do these simple things then we can definitely save and make this world live longer. We’ll be all benefiting, after all. Let’s do this for our future children.



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