A Rose by Any Other Name

aroseA Rose by Any Other Name is one of the many military-related blogs that I usually read. It has been in the www since mid 2006 according to its archives but I only became a constant reader of this blog since last year.

Just like Anna(the poster), I’m also patriotic and have sympathy to our country’s heroes. Her posts are truly eye openers and I especially like the blog’s portion of featuring the “Wednesday Heroes”. As a matter of fact, I would like to also make a category for the soldier that have been killed in wars as part of my recognition to them.

Aside from being informative, Anna’s posts are also very sympathetic and full of feelings. You can truly feel a lot from her writings. Her blog was also a finalist of the 2006 Blogs of Summer – a true measure of her significant contribution to the www.

Her last post was last May 7, 2009 and it has never been updated until now. It is actually my immense honor to have “ A Rose by Any Other Name” featured as one of the most influential and inspirational blogs about our veterans.


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  1. Hi My name is Robert E. Sprague, Jr. and I am the official voice for the American Veterans and their Families.

    I am trying to get my word out and I hope that you can find it in your hearts to help me out in any way that you can. Below is just some of what I have put out to grab peoples attention on just the basics of what I am trying to do. The attention this is starting to generate is heart warming. This is something I truly believe in. And every single Veteran that I have spoken to through the years has given to me their blessing to try and make a change for us the American Veterans and our Families. I gave each and every one my word and my hand shake. To do everything in my power as a disabled American Veteran with the right help to make a change that will benefit the whole country.

    I now have sponsors growing across this great nation to help me help the American Veterans and their Families get the changes we deserve. We have fought and died to make our country safe and free and we can no longer except inadequate medical care. We deserve more from our government. In my 29 years of being a disabled Veteran, going through all the nightmares that the VA medical system has put me through, I have had the opportunity to speak to and to listen to many veterans just like myself. I had no idea how starved the rest of the Veterans and their Families of this great country are for someone to listen to their wants and their needs and truly care about what they are saying. Every one asks the same question. Why do we not have a strong voice to stand up for our rights?

    Well HERE I AM!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I am here for one job and one job only. To sit down with a strong legal team and draft out a bill By the American Veterans and their Families for the American Veterans and their Families. And it will be hand delivered to Washington DC BY US, The American Veterans and our Families.

    I understand our elected officials can’t afford to focus on only one issue at a time. I know that they are constantly being pulled in every direction. But I can no longer allow the people that we voted into office to ignore the voices of US the American Veterans and our Families. The politicians of this country are voted into office to work for and with us the American people, and to help better our way of life. I am not running for office. I have my own office and only one job to do. To get this bill to Congress. And with the voices of my fellow Veterans and their families, we can and we will make a change. By making these changes we can only strengthen our country.
    What I truly need is your backing and your support for us, the American Veterans and Our Families. I need all the help that I can get to do my job right. I have been getting a lot of support all across this great country . I am now talking for thousands of my fellow Veterans and their Families. I am doing the job that they are asking me to do. Please Join us in our quest for change.

    Hi I am a 29 plus year disabled Veteran and this is my basic plan for change. First of all is common sense. From here on in its just plain and simple English.

    I find myself unable to sleep at night thinking of the nightmares that my fellow Veterans go through every day, caught up in our VA medical system. Not only are the Veterans suffering but their Families are on the front lines seeing and going through everything the Veteran goes through and more. The families are the ones who have to tend to the every day needs and watch in helplessness as veterans struggle with life after military service. For this I find myself in tears. I can no longer let this go on knowing that I have a way that can help our Veterans and their Families. Not only will it benefit us the Veterans, but the rest of our country as well.

    Give each and every veteran and qualified Family members a medical card . So he or she can go to any public medical facility for treatment in the USA and it’s providences and they will not be turned down for any reason. The government will foot the bill. That also includes covering their medications. This also gives the veterans the ability to choose their own doctors. No longer will we need the use of the VA medical system and the nightmares and red tape that goes along with it.

    This bill will actually create more jobs in the medical field, not take away from it. If Veterans are using private doctors and hospitals, there is going to be a bigger demand for medical staff. This also means less waste by eliminating all of the programs that do not work. That will allow us to save millions of dollars that can be put back into the private sector. And help towards the advancement of medical research.
    All Veterans programs will be the same across the country no matter what state you live in. No more allowing each state to choose for the Veterans what programs we need. WE NEED THEM ALL. No matter what state you come from we should have access to them all, NO exceptions.

    We need to have complete accountability on all of the money that has been set aside just for these programs and make sure that the money is not going to other projects or getting tied up some where along the line.

    These are just a few of the basics of the plan on which I am structuring my fight on. If I can get interviews arranged, I can go into more of the details of this plan and how it can be implemented to save hundreds of thousands of our Veterans’ lives and in the mean time save millions of wasted government dollars that can be put back into the private sector of our country.

    I am trying to give the rights back to you, the veterans and your families of this great Country. WE NEED A BILL THAT IS WRITTEN AND DELIVERED BY THE VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Help me draft out this bill by providing your thoughts and your needs to me. We need the heart and souls of the American people in this bill. That’s what it is going to take for this bill to work and to be implemented into law. I need you to help me help you get what we the American Veterans and our families have earned by making our country safe and free. I need you to help me write this bill, OUR BILL from US the American Veterans and our Families, and present it to congress. We can no longer accept NO for an answer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The time for this drastic change is now. We can no longer wait. I am asking for the help of my fellow Veterans and their Families to take this battle to Washington DC. So We can put together the strongest legal team that We can. So that the US government can no longer ignore the demands for change that will improve the quality of life for all veterans and their Families.
    This is not just a whim. This is something that has been bothering me for years. I have put many years of thought and common sense into trying to come up with ways to change all the wrongs of the VA medical system. And it comes down to only one thing to do. If it’s not working for us the American Veterans, then get rid of it. And come up with a working plan that can and will work for the American Veterans and our Families. With the rest of my country behind me, we can make the changes that need to be made. We can settle for nothing less. This is a government mess that should have been cleaned up decades ago. I need a team that can take my words and translate them into a language that the politicians understand. And put their language into words that we the American people can understand. In plain and simple English. I need help from you and a good legal team so all that we are asking for will not get tied up with legal mumbo-jumbo that can go on for years. We cannot allow such pettiness to stop us from our goal. Too many Veterans are dieing every day from bad VA medical care. We do not have any more time for government red tape.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We need this bill passed. Help me help you get this done.
    These changes are a long time coming and I can make a change with your help.
    I need your input, I need your stories.
    Please Email me at: robertsprague@yahoo.com
    Or call me at. Ph.# 406-291-3470

    Mail me your comments or concerns at:
    Robert E. Sprague, Jr.
    700 S. Main ST.
    Fredericktown, MO 63645

    Donations can be made to:
    Enough Is Enough
    c/o First State Community Bank
    713 W. Main St.
    Fredericktown, MO 63645
    (573) 783-7232

    This is a nonprofit organization.

    Please visit my internet site at.

    In order to accomplish the goals set forth by this organization, the need for funding is very real. If every American Veteran were to donate $1.00 to this cause, we would have the ability to fight for amazing changes in the lives of all Veterans and their families. Your input is so very important and valuable in creating this bill. But your dollars are the necessary help that we need to put your input to work for you and your families. These changes are a long time coming and I Can make a change with Your help and Support.

    All Donations will be used solely for the purpose of getting this Bill Passed and put into Law.

    Unused funds from this campaign will be used to further the causes to help Our Homeless Veterans and their Families.

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