Random Facts about AMVETS

AMVETS (American Veterans) is a volunteer-led organization established by World War II veterans. This is one of the most respected veteran’s organizations in the country that provides support for veterans as well as active military personnel in acquiring their earned entitlements and services that can improve the quality of every US citizen’s life. This organization accepts honorably discharged veterans as members.

Here are more random facts about AMVETS:
1. They promote the interests of veterans including benefits and other programs that aim to help American veterans and their families.
2. This organization is also active in ROTC and JROTC wherein they present awards, scholarships, and savings bonds to qualifying cadets in a unit.
3. Their members include ladies-auxiliary, sons of AMVETS and Junior AMVETS

3.1 Ladies Auxiliary group include the wives, daughters, granddaughters, adopted daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers of AMVETS members.
3.2 Sons of AMVETS include the sons, grandsons, adopted sons, stepsons, brothers, grand fathers, fathers and husbands of AMVET members.
3.3 Junior AMVETS includes the under-18 children and grandchildren of AMVETS MEMBERS, Ladies Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS Riders.

For more details about AMVETS, you may visit their official site at www.amvets.org


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